Welcome to CIIT Software Center!

This is COMSATS official software distribution website, which allows students, faculty and staff to download Genuine Microsoft Software after registration. Only official email addresses will be facilitated.

Microsoft Imagine Free software logins and related issues:

CampusContact Email
CIIT Islamabad (Faculty/Staff) mslicenses@comsats.edu.pk
CIIT Islamabad (Students) onewindow@comsats.edu.pk
CIIT Abbottabadshaukat@ciit.net.pk
CIIT Attocksysadmin@ciit-attock.edu.pk
CIIT Lahoreahmad.tauqeer@ciitlahore.edu.pk
CIIT Sahiwalishaq@ciitsahiwal.edu.pk
CIIT Vehariumerfarooq@ciitvehari.edu.pk
CIIT Wahwaheed@ciitwah.edu.pk
CIIT Virtual Campusfreesoftware@vcomsats.edu.pk